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At The WSF 2004
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English (subtitled), 59 min, 2004, India

"We came into this world to understand certain things: Very few, but exceedingly important ones." Andrei Sinyavsky
This film has made its journey from being a document of an event to becoming an impression of a worldwide movement for economic, political and cultural justice and a travelogue of ideas for change.
The World Social Forum began in Brazil in the year 2000 as a space for defining alternatives to globalisation, economic imperialism, war and discrimination. In 2004, it's fourth year, it came to Bombay and widened its horizons to include issues of gender, indigenous people's rights, alternative sexuality, women and war, caste and racism. For 5 days people protested and analysed existing economic, political and social injustice; celebrated alternatives and resistance through speeches, processions, music, debate, performance, conversation; and sharpened their imagination of a better world with diversity and justice at its heart, under a common slogan - Another World Is Possible.
This film has been created from video material gathered by student crews to document this 5-day event.

WSF India
Creative Crew
Ajay Norohna, Anirudh, Arun Verma, Kapil Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Sameer Mahajan, Setu, Somak Mukherjee
Irene Dhar, Kavita Pai, Neeraj Voralia, Nirupama Kaul, Rikhav Desai, Shan Mohammad
Amla, Anita Kushwaha, Gissy Michael, Hari M, Manoj Sicca, Shubhashish Roy, Suresh Rajamani