Words on Water

Sanjay Kak
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English (subtitled), 85 min, 2002, India

For more than 15 years, people of the Narmada Valley in central India have resisted a series of massive dams on their river, and in their struggle have exposed the deceptive heart of India s development politics. When the use of violence has become the arbiter of all political debate, 'Words on Water' is about a sustained non-violent resistance, an almost joyous defiance, which empowers people as they struggle for their rights, yet saves them from the ultimate humiliation of violence.

Octave Communications
Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit, Sanjay Kak
Asheesh Pandya, Samina Mishra
Amit Kilam, Asheem Chakrabarty, Rahul Ram
Awards and Screenings:

Best Long Documentary, Brazil International Festival of Environmental Cinema, Goiânia;
Main Prize, Envirofilm International Environmental Film Festival, Slovakia, 2003;
Second Prize, Festival Theme, Durban International Film Festival, 2003;
Special Mention, International Video Festival, Trivandrum, 2003;

Selected Screenings:
Locarno International Film Festival, 2003;
Mumbai World Social Forum, 2004;
Vatavaran Environmental Film Festival, New Delhi, 2003;
Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 2003;
International Film Festival, Hong Kong , 2003;
Cinemambiente Turin, 2002;