A Woman's Place

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English (subtitled), 59 min, 1999, India, South Africa & USA

'A Woman's Place' tells the intimate story of women from three countries who are fighting to balance the scales of power so that a man's world is also a woman's place. Advocates for women have frequently turned to LAW in their efforts to accord women equality. But are new laws enough to change old ways? 'A Woman's Place' explores this question through the issues of inheritance in a South African village, domestic abuse in an American town and divorce in an Indian city; and profiles the ingenious strategies of women who use law in the age old conflict between tradition and change.

A Woman's Place Project
Creative Crew
Eli Yonova
Dena Mermelstein, Jabeen Merchant
Namita Naik
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
Bangkok International Film Festival
Chingari Festival (Wisconsin)
Mumbai International Film Festival
Colours of Violence Film Festival (Santa Monica)