Whose Water?

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English (subtitled), 27 min, 2002, India

In India, the state owns all natural resources unless otherwise decreed. The conflict begins when communities revive, protect, produce and stake ownership to natural resources. In Rajasthan, the laws are slightly more derisive: they have laws which, while reinstating ownership, further restrict any diversion of the flow or any structures being built to do so ' if disobeyed, the punishment is imprisonment. But Rajasthan is also the state where 1,000 villages have been revolutionised by bringing back water into their life. The film travels through Rajasthan and documents some of the conflicts which people have warded off or are still fighting. The film amplifies the people's concerns and pleads for more people-sensitive laws and policies on natural resources.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Krishnendu Bose
Nirmal Chander
Satish, Shivadas