In Whose Interest?

A Post 9-11 Journey through the Past 50 Years of US Foreign Policy
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English (subtitled), 28 min, 2002, UK

'In Whose Interest?' is a fast moving and powerful documentary in response to 9/11. San Francisco and London-based filmmaker David Kaplowitz leads us on an eye-opening historical journey through the past 50 years of United States intervention, questioning the motives and examining the effects of US foreign policy over that time span. Revealing a pattern of intervention, the film focuses on Guatemala, Vietnam, East Timor, El Salvador, and Palestine/Israel. Archival footage, photographs, recently declassified documents, and media tidbits are dynamically interwoven with personal eyewitness accounts and commentary from academics, such as Noam Chomsky, religious leaders and politicians.

David Kaplowitz
Creative Crew
Dan Mckinney
Debbie Hoffman, Karen Everett
Matt McLean
Awards and Screenings:

Premiered at the Artists Television Access, USA, 2002
United Nations Association Travelling Film Festival, USA, 2004
Sheffield Alt-Doc Festival, UK, 2004
European Social Forum Film Festival, UK, 2004
Austrian Social Forum (ASF), Linz , Austria, 2004
Auroville Film Festival, India, 2004
Other Worlds Are Breathing 2004, WSF-India, 2004
Vermont International Film Festival, 2003
Amnesty International Film Festival, USA, 2003
Images du Nouveau Monde Festival Panameriacain, Canada, 2003
United Nations Association Film Festival, USA, 2002
Broadcast on Free Speech TV and World Centric Community TV, USA