Where's Sandra?

English (subtitled), 18 min, 2005, India

Who's Sandra? If you saw her would you know her? Is she naughty or nice? And where is she, anyway? The film is a playful look at the figure of 'Sandra from Bandra' ' part covetous fantasy of the racy Christian girl from Bombay who works as a secretary, wears a dress and likes to dance; part condescending stereotype of a dowdy, religious girl from a minority community. The film searches for Sandra in Bollywood films, in the words of writers and poets and the stones in church graveyards. We encounter various claimants to the title ' some who aren't called Sandra and some who aren't even from Bandra ' until finally finding 5 women really called Sandra who are all as different from each other as can be, even if they are a little bit the same.

Celebrate Bandra Trust
Creative Crew
Avijit Mukul Kishore
Jabeen Merchant, Sankalp Meshram
Anita Kushwaha
Actors: Tuhinaa Vohra, Sonali Verma, Rachel Lopez