Where the Heart Lies

Dar Pa Dar
English (subtitled), 53 min, 2005, Pakistan

'Where the Heart lies' is a film about the Afghan Refugee women living in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is an effort to understand the situation of these women with cultural sensitivity. They speak their hearts out regarding displacement and conflict.
The film endeavors to show the long lasting impact of wars, which cannot be compensated by reconstruction with bricks and mortar alone. Physically, these women may be repatriated back to Afghanistan but for most, their heart lies in a foreign soil which cradles their loved ones. They are torn between the choice of returning home and of leaving the bodies of their loved ones in a foreign land. It is a film that would allow people to feel and not just see what it means to live a life full of uncertainty and how it feels to be forced to reconstruct it over and over again.
'Where the Heart Lies' is about the pain that is there to stay. It is a film on an issue,that is ignored by the mainstream media in the scramble for 'more important' stories.

Samar Minallah
Creative Crew
Samar Minallah
Tariq Pirzada
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
Peshawar Press Club
SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Institute) Islamabad
International Conference on Traditional Societies and Democracy by Heinrich Boll Foundation, Hofburg, Vienna
Regional Television Channel, Pakistan