Where Healing is a Tradition

Gargi Sen
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English (subtitled), 30 min, 1997, India

The film presents those invisible women who for generations have been practicing folk medicine. They have remedies for virtually every disease. They use herbs and plants for medicinal preparations. Their knowledge system is based on centuries of experience that is passed down through generations, orally. The expertise and skills of these women are valued by their community, who do not have access to any other forms of medical services. Yet there is a need to vitalise and give due credit to this knowledge which is rapidly being appropriated by market forces. The film is a eulogy to Halamma, Chandramma, Shivamma, Jayamma, Sunandamma and countless such women who are the unsung saviours of many a life.

Magic Lantern Foundation
Creative Crew
Sabeena Gadihoke
Ranjan De
C. L. Bharti