Where Are You?

Nee Engey?
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English (subtitled), 154 min, 2003, India

For centuries before the advent of cinema, Shadow Puppet Theatre, was the most prevalent and popular entertainment, in India. The Shadow Puppeteers are the 'original filmmakers', who by manipulating leather puppets in front of a light source, created moving images on the screen. They led a nomadic life, travelling, camping, setting up screens, and performing the story of the Ramayana, adapted to local languages and flavours.
Today, there are only a few shadow puppeteers still practising this art form. Stories and lifestyles have changed. This film travelling with the Shadow Puppeteers of South India, is a celebration and dedication to the art of moving images and to its original practitioners and community. An impressionistic ethnography, reflecting on shadow puppet theatre, history, mythology, cinema and our lives.

R. V. Ramani
Creative Crew
R. V. Ramani
R. V. Ramani, Vijai Shankar