When Four Friends Meet

Rahul Roy
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English (subtitled), 43 min, 2000, India

When Four Friends Meet... they share with the camera their secrets... sex and girls; youthful dreams and failures; frustrations and triumphs.
Bunty, Kamal, Sanjay and Sanju, best of friends and residents of Jehangirpuri, a working class colony on the outskirts of Delhi are young and trying to make their lives in an environment which is changing rapidly... girls seem to be very bold... stable jobs are not easy to come by... sex is a strange mix of guilt and pleasure... families are claustrophobic... and the blur of television the only sounding board...
The documentary is part of a South Asia based project under which four films have been made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal exploring masculinities. The films are being extensively used by groups in South Asia working on gender issues to generate a discussion on masculinities.

Rahul Roy
Creative Crew
Rahul Roy
Asheesh Pandya
Script: Saba Dewan, Rahul Roy
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
Special Screening at the United Nations, New York
Munich International Documentary Film Festival, 2001
Hawaii International Film Festival
North-South International Film Festival, Geneva
Hot Springs International Documentary Film Festival, Arkansas, USA, 2001
Goettingen International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2002
Ethno Film Festival, Berlin, 2002
UNESCO-PSBT International Documentary Film Festival, Delhi,2003