We Homes Chaps

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English (subtitled), 59 min, 2002, Nepal & India

A unique Scottish Presbyterian home was founded by a missionary at the turn of the century in British India. It takes in orphans, mainly destitute Anglo-Indian children, and subsequently, children of Tibetan refugees and other Himalayan people in strife.
Providing an all-round education with old-fashioned and colonial Christian values, it is a home for many that would not have had one. But it is also a universe unto itself, a 'total institution.' For a 'Homes chap', the institution is a surrogate parent, an anchor and a source of life-long attachment. It is a love with an edge, a difficult love.
Why that is so is what Tibetan filmmaker and Homes alumnus Kesang Tseten attempts to answer when he and his classmates of 29 years ago, return to the 'Village for Children' in the lap of Kanchenjunga, for the institution's centennial celebrations. A searing yet lyrical reflection on displacement, marginality, nostalgia, the powerful hold of early experience, and the nature of love.

Kesang Tseten
Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit, Reena Mohan
Kesang Tseten, Prem B. K.
P. M. Satheesh