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English (subtitled), 40 min, 2005, India

A story of the Missing People. The location is Kashmir. Sandwiched between India and Pakistan, Kashmir is a battleground for both. Boys and men picked up by security forces often simply disappear. Since the men are not declared 'dead' their wives are not widows, but 'half widows.' The 'half widows' need extraordinary courage to live - with the memories of their love, with having to suddenly switch from being the veiled homemaker to desperate bread-earner, with facing society which treats them as unattached property, as it treats most single women in India. All this in a war zone where anybody could get picked up or shot by a security person or by any one of the militants roaming in the valley. The women and children tell their own stories; their dreams, fears, aspirations and the hardships.

Atul Gupta
Creative Crew
Anurag Singh
Atul Gupta
Asheesh Pandya
Shahwar Gauhar Mukeem
Awards and Screenings:

Best First Film of an Indian Director, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2006
Gold Remi, 39th WorldFest Independent Film Festival, Houston, 2006
Best Documentary, SIGNS 2006
John Abraham National Awards Festival in Video, Kerala, 2006