View From a Grain of Sand

Meena Nanji
English (subtitled), 82 min, 2006, USA

'View From a Grain of Sand' is a journey through the last 30 years of Afghanistan's history as lived by three Afghan women. Shot over three years in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a doctor, teacher and social activist tell how their lives were violently affected by wars of international making and three different regimes in Afghanistan. Yet through all their loss, and the destruction of their homes and country, these women have endured. With courage, conviction and hope they continue to work on improving the lives of the people around them, against all odds, in this brutalised and divided nation.

Ecesis Films Inc
Creative Crew
Ann Kaneko, Denise Brassard, Meena Nanji
Bob Brooks, Tchavdar Georgiev, William Haugse
Andrew Hagen
Awards and Screenings:

Silver Conch, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2008
Best Documentary, Canada International Film Festival, 2007
Audience Award, Best Feature, Seattle South Asian Festival, 2007

Los Angeles International Asian American Film Festival, 2007
Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2007
International Documentary Association, Los Angeles, 2006
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, 2006
And many other festivals all over the world