Unlimited Girls

A Fearless Tale of Feminism
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English (subtitled), 94 min, 2002, India

'Unlimited Girls' is an exploration of engagements with feminism in contemporary urban India. A narrator called Fearless who starts accidentally in a chatroom and embarks on a journey where she encounters diverse characters - feminists who remember the songs and actions of the Indian women's movement, yuppies who discuss their modern marriage, a policeman writing films for 'women's upliftment', women shopping at a bra sale, college kids practicing a dance, teachers who feel girls must not take injustice ' or break a home; a woman cab driver, a priest, academics, activists, and unseen but much-heard women like Atilla_the_Nun, ChamkiGirl and Devi_is_a_Diva, in a feminist chatroom ' all talking of their engagements with feminism and its place in their lives today.

Creative Crew
Mrinal Desai
Jabeen Merchant
Subir Das
Awards and Screenings:

Women’s News Award (WFFIS, Seoul) and Aaina Film Festival Award

Selected Screenings:
Persistence/Resistance 2008;
Cine 2007;
Lille 3000, 2006;
Aaina Film Festival, Bhuvaneshwar, 2006;
Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, 2005;
Tongues of Fire, 2004;
Seoul Human Rights Festival, 2004;
Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart, 2004;
Another World is Breathing;
World Social Forum, 2004;
Kara Film Festival, 2003;
Bangladesh International Film Festival, 2003;
Trivandrum International Video Festival, 2003;
Another World Film Festival, Asia Social Forum, 2003;