Unheard Voices

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English (subtitled), 28 min, 2006, India

Drawing on the testimonies of individuals infected nosocomially with HIV/AIDS, the film aims to sensitise various groups to the risks involved in HIV transmission through blood exposures, in the Indian context. This risk has been systematically underestimated.
The film critically examines various unsafe health care and cosmetic practices. It questions the low perception of risks associated with unsafe blood exposures, among health care professionals and others, which is due to the misinformation about survival of the HIV virus outside the human body. There is also misinformation about the importance of the sexual route, due to unreliable data, myths about sexual transmission and morality. We do not know how much HIV is being spread through sex and how much through blood. Given this scenario, the film also attempts to create awareness about safe practices.

School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS
Creative Crew
K. P. Jayasankar
Anjali Monteiro, K. P. Jayasankar
Harikumar M.
Awards and Screenings:

Health Care Safety, Caucus, Toronto, Canada, 2006; Be Positive Screenings, Seagull Foundation, Kolkata, India, 2008