Under This Sun

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English (subtitled), 48 min, 2005, India

Bio-diversity is now being valued as the greatest natural resource available to mankind. India holds special importance due to her enormous diversity of flora and fauna and of course, for an astounding variety of human groups and their traditional knowledge of sustainable use of biological resources.
'Under This Sun' focuses on two of the world's eighteen biodiversity hotspots within Indian territory- the Western Ghats, and the Eastern Himalayas, to record the rich tradition of sustainable use of local biological resources, conservation ethics, and knowledge regarding medicinal plants. The film also explores the tremendous variety of agricultural crops and related traditional knowledge in West Bengal. Moreover, while showing the magnitude of India's biodiversity and related local knowledge the film also explores the reasons for their rapid decline.

Nilanjan Bhattacharya
Creative Crew
Ranu Ghosh
Ranojit Dasgupta
Partha Barman
Awards and Screenings:

National Award (Best Environment Conservation Film), India, 2005
Screened at the competition section of MIFF, India, 2006.