Two Tales of Modikhana

English (subtitled), 73 min, 2011, India

Sudhir Waghmare's canvases take us to Modikhana, a typical servants ‘back alley' of the erstwhile British cantonment in Poona.
His narrative, which finds no place in the mainstream history of Pune, reveals the rich and overlapping layers of social and political history Modikhana.
His daughter Kranti’s artistic quest for form brings her face to face with the daily violence of the environment of the place she grew up in. It makes her question the available ways of confronting this violence.
The contradictions and realities of Modikhana, an area that has seen much transition are finely expressed in the very different and highly individualistic artistic voices of Sudhir and Kranti Waghmare.


Rex Films
Creative Crew
Sameer Mahajan
Gowri Patwardhan
Namita Nayak Chopra