Turf Wars

English (subtitled), 39 min, 2001, India

In 1999, the Great Himalayan National Park, in the Kullu Valley of the state of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India, was finally notified and brought under the regulations of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act. As a result, local rights to graze animals and extract medicinal herbs within the national park were terminated. Simultaneously, however, a part of the park was deleted from the originally demarcated boundaries of the park, to enable the construction of a hydro-electric power project.
'Turf Wars' explores the contradictions that seem to characterize the government's policies towards conservation - wherein local livelihoods are expendable in the interests of biodiversity, but biodiversity must make way for national development. It is an open-ended film, one that aims to provoke discussion rather than provide answers to problems that are, inevitably, complex, contested and heavily politicized.

Moving Images
Creative Crew
Sanjay Barnela
Anjali Khosla
Amit, Asheem, Rahul (Indian Ocean)
Awards and Screenings:

3rd prize at Jeevika 2003 - A National Livelihoods Film Festival, Delhi