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English (subtitled), 85 min, 2012, India

TISStory is a Platinum Jubilee inititative of the School of Media and Cultural Studies to document TISS' history over the past seven decades. It is the journey of an Institution that has always reached out to society, through relevant education, research and field action, with a commitment to social justice.
The series consists of:

TISStory (9 min)
Such an Eventful Journey (20 min)
Reconstructing Lives (16 min)
Innovation in Praxis- Field Action Projects (24 min)
At TISS – Campus Life through the Years (16 min)

School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS
Creative Crew
Divya Cowasji, K. P. Jayasankar, Mangesh Gudekar, Nikhil Titus
Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati
Ronit Chaterji, Tape Loops - Hyderabad
Commissioning editors: Anjali Monteiro and K. P. Jayasankar