Through the Window

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English (subtitled), 30 min, 1993, India

Bhagwan Chavan is a non-figurative artist, who hails from Maharashtra and lives in Chennai. He does an abstract painting on a large canvas for 3 days, in Kala Mela, an art festival at the Museum complex in Chennai. The filmmaker tries to enter into a dialogue of non figuration and abstraction with the painter vis-a-vis filmmaking. He completes the painting at the festival, but after a gap of 8 months, the artist suddenly decides to rework the same painting at his studio and totally changes it. This activity coincides with a major earthquake near his hometown in Maharashtra and he titles the canvas, 'Earthquake at Khillari'. The film too changes, along with the canvas.

R. V. Ramani
Creative Crew
R. V. Ramani, Sashikanth
Guhan, R. V. Ramani