The Third Gender

English (subtitled), 39 min, 2004, India

Tista, a transsexual, has a feminine mind trapped in a male physical body. She feels, thinks and behaves as a woman. Pouring out her thoughts and feelings through poetry appears to be the only window through which she can revolt in profound agony.
Tista has a male lover who wants to marry her, but they encounter tremendous hostility from family and society, including local political leadership. The law is of no help since it does not recognise such a union. So, Tista must undergo surgery to change her sex, a process with legal and monetary consequences. The film attempts to unravel her complicated story. Are we prepared to listen?

Sumita Dutta
Creative Crew
Amit Majumdar
Shameek Kundu, Suman Mirbahar
Tarit Sengupta
Arunima Ghosh, Ritwik Chakrabarty, Tista Mitra
Awards and Screenings:

10th Kolkata Film Festival, India, 2004
2nd Kolkata Short Film Festival, India, 2005
Special Screening, Chitrabani auditorium, Kolkata, 2004.