They Who Walked Mountains

Manju Kak
English (subtitled), 34 min, 2002, India

For centuries the Bhotias traded with Tibet. The trade routes cut through the western and eastern passes of the Himalayas. The route they used snaked through the valleys of the fast flowing Gori river, across the treacherous Untadhura and Kingri Bingri passes, 19,000 feet high. In 1962, these passes were closed following the Indo-Chinese war. Trade came to an end and with it a centuries old culture that had bonded the Tibetan and Bhotia communities in familial friendships. This film captures some of those memories of the legendary traders. It also speaks of hazardous journeys taken under harsh climates, journeys that were lessons in friendship and faith. In doing so, it engages in the question of political boundaries which tear communities asunder.

Manju Kak
Creative Crew
S. Chockalingam
Ankush Gupta, Rakesh Andania