... There Is A Fire In Your Forest

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English (subtitled), 53 min, 2001, India

The film is located in Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, probably the most famous tiger park in the world. It is also from where the first of the adivasis were relocated in the early '70s. Presented as one of the best case studies of people relocation for conservation, we map the real story of Kanha. The film begs a re-look into the conservation policies being presently followed, as it tries to open a debate and fill in the people's side of the story. The film travels with its central character, a wildlife photojournalist, who visits Kanha and finds a change in his understanding of 'conservation'. He tells us the story of Kanha in a flashback.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Devlin Bose, Krishnendu Bose
M. K. Srinivas
Susmit Sen