Theatre Girls

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English (subtitled), 56 min, 1978, UK

In her final piece at film school, Longinotto and her partner take us into the "Theatre Girls Club" in Soho, London - a hostel for elderly and destitute women and the only shelter in London that would take in any woman at any time. The filmmakers lived in the hostel for more than two months, establishing an extraordinary level of trust with their 'cast' ' from the home's feisty cook to an elderly resident who was a terminal alcoholic. In what will later be recognized as a signature style, Longinotto films without judgement and finds the humor and humanity in situations and characters that might otherwise be seen as tragic. This stunning film debut earned awards at several European festivals and screened to acclaim in the US and Asia.

Vixen Films
Creative Crew
Kim Longinotto
Kim Longinotto
Claire Pollak
Awards and Screenings:

2 Jury Prizes, Nyon Film Festival
Special Mention, Tours Film Festival
First Prize, Mannheim Film Festival

Selected Screenings:
Hong Kong International Film Festival
London Film Festival
Edinburgh Film Festival
Montreal Film Festival
Florence Film Festival
Los Angeles Filmex