Talking Faith

... a dialogue is possible
English (subtitled), 30 min, 2007, Pakistan

'Talking Faith' opens a window into the lives of Sarah and Azam. Two friends living the post 9/11 realities where Islam gets associated with militarism and Christian minorities face a backlash by the extremists. Their faiths are different, one is a Muslim and the other Christian, but what they share is huge! Music, friendship and a human bond of commonalities. They exist under the shadow of divisions but live the hope of interfaith harmony and give dialogue a humane face shared by all religions.

Naveen Qayyum
Creative Crew
Ahsan Ul Haq
Adnan Ali
Awards and Screenings:

Special Jury Mention, 7th Karachi International Film Festival, Karachi, 2009
LIDF (London International Documentary Festival) 2009
4th ISAFF (Independent South Asian Film Festival), Seattle 2007
Vasakh Film Festival (HRCP) Lahore 2007
SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Association) National Documentary Festival, Lahore, 2009
FCCT (Foreign Correspondence Club Thailand), Bangkok, 2008,
Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Official selection by British High Commission Islamabad's project 'Filmmaking for Social Change'
Telecast of Aag TV (a channel of Geo Television Network) 2009.