Tales of the Night Fairies

Raat Porider Katha
English (subtitled), 74 min, 2002, India

Five sexworkers and the filmmaker embark on a journey of storytelling. 'Tales of the Night Fairies' explores the power of collective organizing and resistance while reflecting upon contemporary debates around sexwork. The simultaneously expansive and labyrinthine city of Calcutta forms the backdrop for the personal and musical journeys of storytelling.
The film attempts to represent the struggles and aspirations of thousands of sexworkers who constitute the DMSC (Durbar Mahila Samanyay Committee or the Durbar Women's Collaborative Committee) an initiative that emerged from the Shonagachi HIV/AIDS Intervention Project. A collective of men, women and transgendered sexworkers, DMSC demands decriminalization of adult sex work and the right to form a trade union.

Shohini Ghosh
Creative Crew
Sabeena Gadihoke
Shikha Sen, Shohini Ghosh
Surinder Prasad Singh
Awards and Screenings:

Best Film Award at Jeevika 2003: a National Livelihood Documentary Competition, India

Selected screenings:
AWID's 9th International Forum on Women's Rights and Development, Guadalajara, Mexico
Asian Film Festival, Rome, Italy
"Warning Signs": A Conference of Women Living Under Muslim Law, London, UK
Another World Festival in Hyderabad
Sex Worker's Film & Video Festival, San Francisco, USA
Ladyfest Feminist Film Festival, Bristol, UK
Queer Filmistan- the Trikone Film Festival, San Francisco, USA
St John's Women's Film & Video Festival, Newfoundland, Canada
MIX-New York Experimental Film Festival, NY, USA
Sex Worker Arts Festival, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Larzish, 1st International Film Festival on Sexuality & Gender Pluralities, Mumbai, India
Art of the Documentary Film Festival, Canberra, Australia
World Social Forum Film Festival, Mumbai, India
Vikalp: Films for Freedom, Mumbai, India
3rd International Social Communication Cinema Conference, Calcutta, India
Tongues on Fire Women's Film Festival, London, UK
International Labour Conference, New Delhi, India
Inside/ Out Toronto, Film Festival, Canada
Turn Up the Heat II: Festival for the Rights of Sexworkers, Montreal, Canada
Asia Pacific NGO Forum Film Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
16th Annual Vancouver Queer Film + Video Festival, Vancouver, Canada
0110 Digital Film Festival, British Council, India
World Social Forum Film Festival, Brazil
Women's Film Festival in Seoul (WFFIS), Korea