Suits and Savages

Why the World Bank won't save the world
English (subtitled), 39 min, 2000, UK

'Suits and Savages' penetrates the smokescreen of a global bureaucracy. The Global Environment Facility (GEF) looks promising on paper - it offers two and a half billion dollars from the world's governments to spend on global green aid and an inclusive, democratic model of governance. But does this newest of the international financial institutions live up to its own rhetoric? The film looks at a GEF/World Bank 'eco-development' project from the ground up-travelling between one remote tribe in India to another more powerful one in Washington DC; spanning the gulf between their environments with a video letter from the forest to the Bank.
(Includes a 5 minute update 'Five Years On', 2005)

Zoe Young
Creative Crew
Paul Durman, Steve Philips