Sona Maati

A Very Ordinary Gold
Sehjo Singh
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English (subtitled), 38 min, 1995, India

When the waters of Indira Gandhi Canal came to Rajasthan, the ordinary gold of the deserts started turning green. All traditional land holdings were cancelled and a new dispensation took place. Sona Bai, a woman from the arid desserts of Bikaner, though illiterate, becomes the natural leader of the women in the protest against this dispensation. She has the confidence of dealing with the revenue officialdom, and even gives them a piece of her mind.

Anwar Jamal, Sehjo Singh
Creative Crew
Derek Hadlee
M. S. Mani
Neel Kanth
Urmul Communication Team
Awards and Screenings:

Golden Conch, for the Best Film at Bombay Documentary Festival Special
Jury Award at the National Awards