Something to Chew On

English (subtitled), 23 min, 2003, India

Be it in the panwalla's special or a dabba of Pan Parag, the areca nut or supari is a regular feature in an Indian's life. Yet very few know where it comes from and what goes on behind the scenes in its journey from the plantation, through the harvest and post-harvest activities, to the auction where it is ready for the market. The film follows this journey and on the way captures the myriad moods and rhythms of the different activities - the planting of young saplings in the hot summer months followed by the magical monsoons in the lush green plantations, the frenetic harvest where expert climbers swing from tree to tree harvesting the nuts, the frenzy of the auction where the nuts are sold, the tension and suspense as the bids are announced, the hectic processing activities where the areca nut goes through various transformations before reaching the market and finally the simple pleasure of consuming supari in its various forms!

Moving Images
Creative Crew
Ananya Roy, Sanjay Barnela
Madhyama Subramanian
Madhyama Subramanian