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English (subtitled), 26 min, 2003, India

A street along a temple wall in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. There are piles of feces in the street. A woman carrying a bin comes and starts covering these with ash. It helps to reduce the stench. Then she sweeps it all up, shovels it into the bin and carries it on her head to the corporation truck. Her name is Mariammal and she does this everyday of her life. While taking us through a day of her life, the film raises critical questions about caste, working conditions, the indifference of the Municipal Corporation, and above all, the complete lack of civic sense amongst people who continue to shit on the street rather than use the public toilets that have been provided a short distance away.

Creative Crew
Amudhan R. P.
Amudhan R. P.
Awards and Screenings:

National Jury Award, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2006
Best Documentary Award, One Billion Eye – Indian documentary festival, Chennai, 2005
Video Reporters Awards 2005, Germany
Sivagangai Documentary Competiton, 2004, India (awards shared)
Tiruppur Video Competition 2004, India (awards shared)
Guangzhou International Documentary Festival 2005, China
Jeevika 2005 festival, New Delhi