In Search of the Riyal

Going, Being There, Returning
English (subtitled), 86 min, 2009, Nepal

Since the 1990s, Nepal has provided a pipeline of cheap labour to the Gulf. Migration has emptied Nepal's villages of its young men, leaving its fields to be tended by women and the elderly.
This film is about young men who set out to escape family woes and poverty at a high cost. They earn meager wages to sustain their families in the alien and stultifying conditions of the Qatari desert. Theirs is an admirable mission, a test of luck and resilience.
The film shows glimpses of gritty migrant conditions, rarely captured, given the Gulf States' sensitivity to criticism of how they treat their foreign workers.
The stories of disillusionment and, sometimes, empowerment, reflect the enormity of the Nepali migrant's journey.

Shunyata Film Production
Creative Crew
Kesang Tseten, Siddhartha Shakya
Kesang Tseten, Reena Mohan
Boby John