Search for Freedom

A Story About Four Afghan Women
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English (subtitled), 55 min, 2003, Pakistan, USA

'Search for Freedom' explores the lives of four Afghan women who were affected by the political and social turmoil in Afghanistan, at various times from the 1920s to the present day. The women - a princess, Afghanistan's first woman singer, a war widow and mother of four, and a young medical student - relate their own stories, recounting what they felt and sensed as events unfolded around them. The film links the personal to the political by offering an in depth insight into the human stories of the Afghan political conflict.

Munizae Jahangir
Creative Crew
Maryam Pasha, Munizae Jahangir, Nasheed Faruqi
Munizae Jahangir, Rafael Parra, Stacey Kim
Rafael Parra
Faheem Mazhar, Mairman Khaija Parveen, Qamar Gula
Awards and Screenings:

Amnesty International Film Festival
Salt Lake City Film Festival
12th Annual Seattle Human Rights Film Festival, Seattle
Taipei on Tour film festival, Taipei
Film South Asia
South Asia Human Rights Film & Video Festival, Nepal 2005
Asia Society, New York
Other Worlds Are Breathing, Film Festival at WSF, Mumbai, 2004
KARA, Karachi International Film Festival
Karachi Matteela Film Festival
Lahore Reel Women Film Festival
Women Film Festival, Missouri, USA
Women Film Festival, Thailand
Also screened at various universities across USA