Is School the Thing That Makes a King?

Dialogues With Children
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English (subtitled), 34 min, 1998, India

In different languages and in different ways, children constantly hear one thing from adults: 'Padhoge likhoge hoge nawab, Kheloge koodoge hoge kharaab' (Read 'n' write, you'll be a king, Play around and pay for your sins). But how well-founded is this notion? In present day India, schooling is not as widespread or effective. Although adult experts offer reams of suggestions, several questions remain. The film explores what schooling means to school going children and meets some children whom the present school system leaves behind, questioning why some children cannot go to school at all.

Desmond Roberts, Surajit Sarkar
Creative Crew
Hemant Chaturvedi
Madan S Rajan
Indian Ocean
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
The Roshd International Film & Video Festival, Teheran, 2000
The Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2000
Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 1999