The Salt Stories

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English (subtitled), 84 min, 2008, India

In 1930, a group of Indians led by a frail, elderly man marched a distance of 241 miles. They marched for salt.

Mahatma Gandhi was able to craft an anti-colonial, nationalist movement around the most basic issue of livelihood: the right of Indians to make and consume their own salt.
77 years later, the Wide Eye Film team followed the trail of the famous Dandi salt march, stopping at the same villages and towns, in search of Gandhi's legacy.

Set against the backdrop of Gandhi's original journey, this is a road-movie about issues of livelihood in modern, globalizing Gujarat in India. It is a documentary about 'the salt stories' of our times.

Wide Eye Film
Creative Crew
Mrinal Desai
Menno Boerema, Lalit Vachani
Anita Kushwaha
Narration: Lalit Vachani
Awards and Screenings:

Best Documentary Film, MIAAC, New York, 2009
2nd prize, Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 2009