Sacrifice of Babulal Bhuiya

Babulal Bhuiya ki Qurbani
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English (subtitled), 64 min, 1988, India

A thousand Indians drag a meager living from the black swamp where ash and fumes from the power station corrupt the air as surely as the coal dirt blights the land. Nothing grows in Mailagora which means the place of dirt.
Manjira Datta's painful and poetic film is a portrait of the undead and an investigation of the murder of local martyr...Babulal, who was shot dead by industrial security guards employed by owners of the coal washery. The guards are accused of running a protection racket among the slurry-sifters, of harassing the women and attacking the men... Explanations of the incident differ....Babulal was killed...
So, Babulal becomes a hero, his ashes scattered on the coal black river. His concrete monument painted a blood red...
(Hugh Herbert)

Manjira Datta
Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit
Reena Mohan
A.M. Padmanabhan, Omesh Mahatta, Suresh Rajamani
Awards and Screenings:

IDPA Award for Editing and Sound in 1988

Premiere screenings in the main market of Mailagora, in workers colonies in the coal belt - Giridhi, Bokaro
Screenings over several weeks in Kerala villages, towns, cities courtesy Odessa films
Screenings in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai;
Screenings in many film Festivals and educational institutions in different years in Canada and USA
Screened at the London Film Festival
Premiere Broadcast screening by Channel 4, UK, and ARD Germany (a German version)