The Road & Night Life

English (subtitled), 15 min, 2008, India

The Road (10 min, 2008)
Who owns the highways? When foreign direct investment and multinational Indian companies take over the road with heavy funding for construction and expansion who owns them finally? Do the villagers who were robbed off their lands own it? What about the school children? When the houses and trees are bulldozed along with the deities, Hitler’s dream can also be implemented in India.
Night Life (5 min, 2008)
I sleep on the middle of the road even during the midnight. While the fast moving vehicles flood light on me, the people with selective blindness cannot notice me. This is my concrete bed and I cannot afford to turn towards either direction. But who is not insane anyway?

Creative Crew
Amudhan R. P.
Amudhan R. P.
Amudhan R. P.