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English (subtitled), 9 min, 2007, India

The world's first true reverse narrative film is the story of three gambler thieves, one of whom is blind. Together they manage to crack a safe. The safe has diamonds worth a million, but then greed takes over as they decide to play the Russian roulette. The guy who survives would keep the diamonds. The film moves in reverse towards the beginning as the opening of the film evolves as the climax.

Ketan Gohil
Creative Crew
Sudhakar Yakkanti
Neeraj Grover, Suvir Nath
Dara Singh Saihmee
Bapi - Tutul
Raj Singh Verma, Rajeev Mishra, Salim Javed
Awards and Screenings:

Grand Jury Narrative Prize, Seattle International Film Festival, USA
Best Film Under 10 Minutes, Victoria Independent Film Festival, Australia
Third Jury Prize & Audience Prize Winner, 14th Lyon Asian Film Festival, France
Top 5 Finalist For HBO Short Film Award, South Asian International Film Festival, USA
Top 10 Finalist, International Film And Television Festival Cinema Tout Ecran, Switzerland

World Premiere, Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland
Montreal World Film Festival, Canada; Palm Springs International Festival Of Short Films, USA
Milano Film Festival, Italy
International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Switzerland
Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Festival Internacional De Benicassim, Spain
Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium
Dereel Independent Film Festival, Australia
Jacksonhole International Film Festival, USA
Indielisboa International Film Festival, Portugal
Short Shorts International Film Festival, Japan
Short Shorts International Film Festival 2008, Mexico
Stuttgart International Bollywood & Beyond Film Festival, Germany
Asian Hot Shots Berlin, Germany; Osians International Film Festival, India
Trivandrum International Film Festival, India