Restless Shores

Noel Rajesh
English (subtitled), 20 min, 2003, India

For the local community in Overi on the southeastern coast of India, their small scale fishing livelihoods are under threat. As the Government of India encourages the export of fish and prawn, large scale commercial trawler boats are encroaching and destroying local community fishing grounds along the coast. The consequence is a rapid decline in local harvests and fish species diversity. Moreover, with rising fish prices, a crucial source of protein is becoming unaffordable for many rural communities. The local people of Overi recount the story of their 'restless shores': the changes and challenges they are facing from the export-oriented commercial fishing boats as they struggle to maintain control over local fishing grounds, their livelihoods and economic security.

Noel Rajesh
Creative Crew
Gulam Dostagir
Frank Michael, K Yuvaraajan, Sreekanth
Awards and Screenings:

Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 2003
Also screened in Sweden, India and Thailand for various training programs organised by formal institutions and nongovernmental organisations relating to globalisation, culture and local livelihoods.