Remembering 1992

English (subtitled), 122 min, 2013, India

This series of films seeks to revisit the city of Mumbai, twenty years after the communal violence of 1992-93. As communal violence escalated during the riots, Muslim communities shifted to areas such as Mumbra.
"Ek Aakhri Panah" (14 min) looks at Mumbra and its history through the eyes of two young Muslim women who work in the Rehnuma Library.
[A film by Juanita Mukhia, Krishna Panchal, Piyush Garud and Tanvi Barge]

"Aman ki Khoj" (14 min) is the story of Bhau Korde, Paul, Ayub, Najma and Amina, among others who are determined to heal the wounds of the 92-93 riots and forge a path of harmony in Dharavi.
[A film by Epti Patnaik, Pratik Bhakta, Sujata Subramanian and Anchal Kataria]

"Framing 92" (26 min) explores some of the ways in which the '92 riots in Bombay have been and continue to be represented in art and photojournalism.
[A film by Ananda Siddhartha, Mrinal Singh and Shruti Ravi]

Mohammed Ali Road and Mahim were among the more affected areas during the riots of 1992-1993. "Flashpoint" (19 min) takes the lens back to those areas to map the middle classes of those areas.
[A film by Mridula Chari, Gursimran Khamba, Francis Lohrii and Shivani Gupta]

"Badalte Nakshe" (24 min) follows Farhana Ashraf, a teacher and a writer in an attempt to explore the constructed histories of two generations, 20 years after the riots.
[A film by Nithila Kanagasabai, Nitya Menon, Archana Sadar and Likokba]

"Farooq versus The State" (25 min) is the story of Farooq Mhapkar and how justice was delayed and denied to the victims and survivors of the 1992-93 communal violence.
[A film by Anjali Monteiro and K. P. Jayasankar]

School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS
Commissioning Editors: Anjali Monteiro and K. P. Jayasankar
Awards and Screenings:

'Flashpoint', 'Farooq versus The State' and 'Ek Aakhri Panah' were screened on NDTV in January 2013.
The Remembering 1992 project was presented and films 'Flashpoint', 'Badalte Nakshe' and 'Farooq vs The State' were screened at the Lund University, Sweden as a part of Focus Asia: Memory and Documentary Film: Exploring Painful and  Forgotten Memories in China, India, and Indonesia in March 2012.