English (subtitled), 26 min, 1994, India & USA

In India the fate of a woman is often determined by the size of the dowry she brings to her marital home. A woman is considered worthless if she does not bear a male child. Female foeticide is a common practice in India. A daughter is viewed as a socio-economic burden as she leaves her parental home with capital (dowry). She seldom has the option to return to her parental home if she is tortured in her marital home. Society prefers a woman's death to her divorce.
The film unpeels layers of the many-headed evil patriarchy in Indian society as it explores the factors that lead to the death of Lali Devi, an educated and capable woman, and her two girls.

Manjira Datta
Creative Crew
Jugal K. Debata
P Anand Rao
Dileep Subramaniam, Prashant Kundu
Susmit Sen
Awards and Screenings:

Best Documentary by Chicago TV, Channel 11, in series Image Union, 1994

Premiere in Population Conference in Cairo, 1994
Telecast on Channel 11, Chicago TV
Telecast by IGNOU, India
Kerala Film Festival