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English (subtitled), 54 min, 2006, India

Who is dreaming of the global city? 'Q2P' peers through the dream of Mumbai as a future Shanghai and searches for public toilets in Bombay watching who has to queue to pee. As the film observes who has access to toilets and who doesn't, we begin to see the imagination of gender that underlies the city's shape, the constantly shifting boundaries between public and private space; we hear the silence that surrounds toilets, like the silence that surrounds inequality. The toilet becomes a riddle with many answers and some of which are questions ' about gender, about class, about caste and most of all about space, urban development and the twisted myth of the global metropolis.

Creative Crew
Ajay Norohna
Jabeen Merchant
Anita Kushwaha, Samina Mishra
Nirav Gandhi, Tarun Shahani