Pride of Place

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English (subtitled), 60 min, 1976, UK

A rarely seen classic, 'Pride of Place' was made as a first project while Director Kim Longinotto was a student at England's National School of Television and Film. As a teenager, the filmmaker had been condemned to a girls' boarding school in an old, isolated castle in Buckinghamshire. Wisely, she ran away at the age of 17, and years later took the opportunity for sweet revenge. In this dark and expressive film, Longinotto exposes the repressive school from the students' perspective ' as a kind of miniature state with bizarre rules, indigestible food and absurd punishments. One year after the release of the film, the boarding school was closed down.

Vixen Films
Creative Crew
Kim Longinotto
Dorothea Gazidiz
Dorothea Gazidiz
Awards and Screenings:

Best Documentary, Tours Film Festival, France

Screened at:
Sydney Film Festival, Australia
 Melbourne Film Festival, Australia
Hong Kong Film Festival,
London Film Festival,  UK
Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland
Trieste Film Festival, Italy
Florence Festival Dei Popoli, Italy
Tours Film Festival, France
Mannheim Film Festival, Germany