Pretty Dyana

Boris Mitic
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English (subtitled), 45 min, 2003, Serbia & Montenegro

An intimate look at Gypsy refugees in a Belgrade suburb, who make a living by transforming Citroen's classic 2CV and Dyana cars into Mad Max-like recycling vehicles, which they use to collect cardboard, bottles and scrap metal. These modern horses are much more efficient than the cart-pushing competition, but even more important - they also mean freedom, hope and style for their crafty owners. Even the car batteries are used as power generators in order to get some light, watch TV and recharge mobiles! Almost an alchemist's dream come true! But the police doesn't always find these strange vehicles funny....

Boris Mitic
Creative Crew
Boris Mitic
Boris Mitic
Dragutin Cirkoviċ, Milan Kriċka
Awards and Screenings:

Amsterdam IDFA (“First Appearance” competition)
RomaDocFest (Audience Award)
Sarajevo Film Festival (Human Rights Award)
Prizren Dokufest (Best Documentary)
Astra Film Fest Sibiu (Best Central & Eastern European Documentary)
Golden Wheel Film Fest Skopje (Best Screenplay)
Belgrade Ethno Film Fest (New Ethno Award)
Wiesbaden Go East Film Festival (Best Documentary)
Mediawave Festival Gyor (Best Documentary)

Selected Screenings:
Screened in over 60 film festivals all over the world
Broadcast on television and released in theatres in Belgrade, Amsterdam, Italy, Croatia, London, Berlin and Ljubljana.