P(l)ain Truth

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No Dialogue, 15 min, 1993, Finland

'P(l)ain Truth' tells the story of a transsexual's journey from a biological woman into a biological man. Using poignant imagery, text and music, the film describes the range of emotions that she goes through during the different stages of the painful transformation. A symbolic documentary, which comments on the relationships between gender, sexuality and biology, traversing between the realms of memory, fiction and reality.

Crystal Eye
Creative Crew
Arto Haivanto
Heikki Salo
Hauko Lindfors, Pekka Haajalainen, Seppo Vanhatalo
Glenn Branca
Audi, Ilari Nummi, Leea Hlemola, Pia Lehmuskallio, Sergei Anissomov-Pihl
Awards and Screenings:

Teddy Bear for Best Short Film, Berlin International Film Festival 1993
Main Prize of National Competition, Special Jury Prize,Public prize in National International Competition, Tampere International Film festival 1993
The Finnish State film award 1993
Seta apple award, Suomi 1993
Award for Best experimental film, Best short film-Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 1994
Public award for best documentary

75 festival screenings throughout the world