The Pink Mirror

Gulabi Aaina
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English (subtitled), 41 min, 2002, India

'The Pink Mirror' is a colourful funny look into the Indian homosexual closet with two drag queens as its protagonists.
Bibbo, a Bollywood fashion designer: loud, raucous and vitriolic. Shabbo, a dancer: soft, sensuous and equally malicious! One day, when Bibbo and Shabbo are getting ready to go to a party, in enters Samir - a handsome hunk whom Bibbo claims to be her new driver. Using every weapon in her armour, Shabbo sets out to charm and entice Samir, right under Bibbo's hawk eyes! Bibbo discovers Shabbo's dark secret and uses it to hit back.
Meanwhile, Mandy, a young pesky gay teenager, also has set his eyes on Samir and uses sly ways to lure him. An evening that starts off with good-humoured bitching, collapses into a bitter tearful fight and ends in soulful reunion.

Solaris Pictures
Creative Crew
Deepak Pandey
Ajay Paralkar
Santosh Sawant
Aashish Rego
Edwin Fernandes, Rishi Raj, Rufi Baqal
Awards and Screenings:

18th Turin International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2003, Italy
6th Pink Apple Gay And Lesbian Film Festival, 2003, Zurich, Switzerland
20th Busan Asian Short Film Festival, 2003, Busan, South Korea
27th San Francisco International Lesbian And Gay Film Festival, 2003, USA
15th Anniversary Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival, 2003, Canada
48th Cork Film Festival, 2003, Ireland
And many other festivals in Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, USA, Philippines, Brazil and Australia.