A Pestering Journey

K. R. Manoj
English (subtitled), 66 min, 2011, India

‘A Pestering Journey’ unravels the many interwoven layers of culture and agriculture and foregrounds the logic of green revolution.

Taking a pestering turn, the journey blurs the boundaries of nature and culture, of self and other, of life and death and many other comfortable binaries we inhabit. It tries to ask how much regard for life a culture should have to ponder over the question, what a pest is.

In an atypical move, it challenges and changes the idioms of pesticide and genocide and reveals the claims over knowledge and expertise, which pushes a pesticide like Endosulfan to a dubious position between poison and medicine.

Tropical Cinema
Creative Crew
Shehnad Jalal
Ajay Kuyiloor, Mahesh Narayanan
Chithranjali, Harikumar Madhavan Nair, N. Harikumar
A. S. Ajithkumar
Research and Script: Ranjini Krishnan, K. R. Manoj
Awards and Screenings:

Best Environmental Film, CMS Vatavaran, December 2011
Vasudha Award for Best Environmental Film, IFFI, December 2011
IDPA Award for Excellence-Best non fiction above 30 minutes, October 2011
Navroze Contractor Award for Best Cinematography, IDSFFK, August 2011
Award for Best Long Documentary, IDSFFK, August 2011
National Film Award for Best Audiography (India), May 2011
National Film Award for Best Investigative Film (India), May 2011