Notes on Man Capture

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English (subtitled), 43 min, 2007, India

In South Asia, men take most of the important decisions, even about women's lives. Ratmi, a young, single mother in a village in the Garo Hills wants to get married. Among her people, marriage happens by 'man capture'. Her male relatives attempt to capture a man for her although she has had lovers. The narrative observes the players behind Ratmi's marriage in 2000/2001 and again in 2006, and captures how decision-making shifts back and forth from woman to man, individual to group, 'insider' to 'outsider'. Humour, ease with the subject of sex and roots in a matrilineal society reveal an unusual people of India.

Chitra Katha Productions
Creative Crew
Nandini Bedi
Farshad Aria, Nandini Bedi
Mohan Das
Awards and Screenings:

Sadolpara Village, West Garo Hills, 2008
IIT Kanpur, India, 2008
Voices From The Fringe - De Balie Amsterdam, 2008
Delhi International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2009
Bangalore Film Society
India Institute, Amsterdam, 2009