Nima Temba Sherpa

English (subtitled), 53 min, 2003, The Netherlands

A documentary on Sherpa Nima Temba, who climbs for the umpteenth time one of the highest Himalayan summits. The other members of the expedition, most often Europeans or Americans, follow his footprint. The media have an eye only for the Western heroes. The Sherpa that makes these acts of heroism come true is never in the spotlight. However, from the very beginning of mountaineering, it is thanks to the Sherpa that these summits have been reached successfully. The film follows the climbing of one of the highest Himalayan summits and looks at it through Nima Temba's eyes against the background of his biography, of the cultural and daily life in Kathmandu and of his native soil in the valley of Rolwaling.

Cees Mout, Margriet Jansen, Metropolisfilm, Ton Wolswijk
Creative Crew
Bert Oostervelt, Lakpa Sherpa, Margriet Jansen, Tore Rasmussen
Wim Liebrand
Sander Friedeman
Jan Cremers
Awards and Screenings:

Audience Award, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2004