Narrow is the Gate

Kersti Uibo
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English (subtitled), 65 min, 2002, Estonia

For the few Serbs who remain in Kosovo after the NATO bombing of Kosovo in 2000, Gracanica Convent is an island of peace, guarded not only by the prayers of the nuns inside, but also by the NATO tanks that guard the convent walls. At the gateway between these two worlds is Sister Teodora, who with a joke and tear tries to balance her hostility to Albanians with her religious calling to love them.

Katarina Uibo, Paul Lapointe
Creative Crew
Katarina Uibo
Trevor Williamson
George Foulgham
Awards and Screenings:

The Alexander Sidelnikov Award for Best Direction of documentaries at Golden Knight Festival in Russia
Estonia TV viewers Grand Prix for the best documentary at the Parnu Documentary Film Festival (Estonia)
Selected Screenings:
Munich International Documentary Film Festival
Belgrade Film Festival
St. Petersburg ‘Message to Man’ Festival
Dubrovnik Film seminar
Sofia Film week  
Antwerp Film days
Fajr Film Festival (Iran)