My Land My Life

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English (subtitled), 53 min, 2002, South Africa

'My Land My Life' is a journey into the heart of Zimbabwean crisis. We enter the story through the eyes of the filmmaker, who once lived in Zimbabwe and held Mugabe in esteem, who now returns to make sense of the conflict, which takes him into strife-torn farming area.
Through our cultural characters that include a farmer, a farm worker and a war veteran we enter into the social texture of present day rural and urban Zimbabwe and its unfolding drama. The conflict between farm worker and settlers is explored, as is the conflict between farmer and settler and farmer and farm worker.
The focus of 'My Land My Life' is on the complexities of how a range of ordinary Zimbabweans understand the fast changing political landscape in Zimbabwe. It is a nuanced piece that is frank in its pro-equality stance and candid but poetic in the critique of those who claim to represent the interests of peasants and workers from both sides.

Uhuru Productions
Creative Crew
Alberto Iannuzzi
Dinah Arnott
Marc Mitchell, Themba Nyamyamweda
Oliver Mtukudzi